Isle of Purbeck 2

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Road at dawn on the Isle of purbeck,dorset,england,uk
Road at dawn on the Isle of purbeck,dorset,england,uk

Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, England

This is taken at dawn heading towards Corfe Castle and the coast at Swanage.

I was hanging around here pre-dawn looking for photographs, but to be honest, pretty much anywhere makes a half decent photograph!

The most pleasant thing about photography at dawn, is the cool crisp air, no noises apart from those made by nature and the knowledge that everyone else is asleep! It feels as though the landscape belongs to me…before the rest of the world takes over.

Just an ND grad filter used to filter out the sky a bit.

  • Magnifique et j’adore les couleurs!!!! traitement croisé?????

    • Thankyou Gootchai….Not a cross process as such. I used an ND grad filter to block some light from the sky, then I have some curve presets in photoshop that I use, but with something like this I reduce the opacity by about 70-90 percent. So the effect is very subtle.

  • i like and share your sentiments expressed in your words about dawn … the result is spectacular !

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