The beach at Kessingland

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Beach at Kessingland, Suffolk, England, UK

I love the sound of the sea as the waves filter through the shingle, and that hypnotic sound of the waves. That is what I felt as I sat on the shingle and stared out to sea.

And the patterns, shapes and movement beg to be photographed too!

I darkened the image and cooled it down quite drastically and added a vignette. I hope it isn’t over the top, but I just loved the mood that it created.

  • enchanting “blue mood” in an attractive format!
    the layers of bright and dark are fascinating …

  • Your feelings for the sea are beautifully captured…

  • A stunning shot. Very atmospheric and very moving.

  • Nice image. the sea is still the last wilderness for many of us, great in all its moods.

  • Impressive – I like that brooding mood, only partially compensated by the innocent foreground.

  • For me it’s perfect. I love the line of small clouds and the laces of foam.

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