Kinder Plateau, Derbyshire

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

View from Kinder Plateau, Peak District NAtional Park, Derbyshire, England, UK

More from Kinder Plateau….I really like the compactness of the British countryside. In the Himalayas the other side of the valley is miles away, literally miles! With this small, compact landscape, the lumps, bumps and curves of the valleys and hills are clearly defined as they drift into the distance. It creates a very 3 dimensional effect with the way the light bounces off the landscape. All those little dents and shapes visible on the hillsides derive from modern farmers as well as from farmers hundreds of years ago whose tracks are still used to this day, and whose own landscaping can be seen in the form of dents and scratches in the hillsides….

Anyway, it makes for a photo opportunity at every step!

  • love those sombre tones on the barren hills … and i love the intrinsic geometry of these meadows …

  • I like the graininess. The landscape does tell a story, with it’s scars and marks, doesn’t it?

  • Rick Tyrrell says:

    Wonderful long range vista shot, Tony.

  • gorgeous! I like layers of hills like this. dont often seen nature where I live. 🙂

  • You’ve summed up nicely some of the joys of England. Our owonderful delights of landscapes is something I look forward to when flying home from the US.

    • Thanks Alan…Yes, Britain pretty much anywhere you go is at least picturesque. It’s all the single lane country lanes and hedgerows that join up the towns cities and national parks like this one.

  • I understand your love to this landscape – without pretended grandeur it seems to make its forms really touchable. And the soft hues are very much to my liking.

  • Beautiful aerial view that you’ve captured!! I love the leading lines spotted in the landscape and the size of the trees really emphasizes the grand scale here!

    • Thankyou!! I used a 200mm from the other side of the valley to get the aerial effect! Thanks for the comment.

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