Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Perast,Kotor Bay, Montenegro
Perast,Kotor Bay, Montenegro

This is the view towards the small village of Perast that can be seen in the center of the frame.

This is part of the Adriatic coastline in the Bay of Kotor, The town of Kotor is tucked behind the mountain rising upwards on the right hand side. So this is the Mediterranean Sea, although it looks like a photo of a lake. I believe this is one of the deepest fjords in Europe. And it is spectacular, possibly the most amazing place that I’ve seen on the European coastline in this part of the world.

I cycled from Albania to get here and this fjord is tucked away hidden from the coastal road until the road turns inwards to follow and hug the mountainside around the bay. It sort of appears out of nowhere and there before you are these huge mountains that rise straight out of the sea…

Kotor Bay is/was/will-not-be-for-long a much less visited place (by foreign tourists) than Dubrovnik in Croatia, which is only a couple of hours drive away in a car, but has in recent years attracted prospective property buyers such as Russian Oligarchs and Hollywood actors….


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