Ferry from Kete-Krachi, Ghana, West Africa

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Ferryman on LAke Volta, Ghana

A ferry from Kete-Krachi across Lake Volta, Ghana, West Africa

This image was taken on a cycletouring visit to Ghana a good few years ago. I was going through my archive of images so that I can fill up my gallery section a bit more, and came across this. It was taken on an old Nikon F80 film camera and was developed and scanned in by a company called Sky Photographic in central London that went out of business about 6 years ago.

They just couldn’t adjust to the changing technology

I have about a hundred or so images from a variety of trips that I made around Africa over the last 10 years, although I won’t put them up here as they are so old, they will appear in the gallery soon(ish!)

As for the subject matter…I wanted to get from a tiny hamlet type place called Kete-Kratchi on the banks of Lake Volta, to the other side to get back onto the road that connects to a town called Atebubu.

The captain of this boat asked me if I wanted to go across and I did so he hauled my ridiculously heavy bike onto the boat and away we went.

I found myself in a section of swampy grass and mud and eventually made it onto the dirt road to carry on my cycling adventure.

  • Excellent photos that you’ve captured here!! I love the PoV captured in the first photo as it adds incredible depth to the composition. Beautiful expressions as well.

  • Very beautiful photos, this means of locomotion! hoping that it will not n water intake! Tony good week

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