Lands End

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Rugged coastline, near Lands End, Cornwall, England, UK

An evening shot near Lands End in Cornwall.

  • gorgeous light and fascinating perspective along this rugged coast !!!

  • Inviting in the evening light, but I guess it totally changes character when fog or storm gales come up. That’s why I love such coast parts so much.

  • Your picture makes me want to back there

  • wooooooow!
    very nice!!!
    so so beautiful composition, colors, lights & atmosphere!
    Lovely view!

  • Finally figured out how to leave a comment! Love this image of Land’s End. The one time I visited England, we tried to visit here, but there was some kind of amusement park.

  • Has a feeling of days gone by … love the processing.

  • The delightful soft glow over the scene that evening light bestows creates it’s own magic. Caught beautifully!

  • A beautiful landscape bathed in a very soft light…

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