Light rays in the forest

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Epping Forest, Essex, England, UK

I took this a few weeks ago in December. With this kind of light it’s difficult to take a bad forest shot!! This view is one that I have taken a number of times before, I have a snow covered version from last winter, plus a spring green version.

This is Epping Forest, on the outskirts of London, and full of centuries human history…many of the ponds in the forest come from craters made by WW2 bombs. And one of the trees that you can see in the distance has two sets of initials and the year 1941 inscribed into the tree, I wonder what their story was…? I love discovering tree graffiti from long ago, and this forest is full of old graffiti, I found a cross scratched into a tree that must have been a couple of hundred years old, judging by the stretched out ‘image’ made by the bark growing around the tree.

As for the photo…It’s a very large resolution image, being a multiple image stitched photograph…

  • A delightful woodland scene – just missing a few nymphs!

  • absolutely beautiful, tony, particularly the “glowing” moss on the fallen trees!
    i fully agree with what you have to say about woods … they are magical places indeed, and full of secrets and possible discoveries !

  • I find it gorgeous ! I like English forests, they are full of legends.

  • A beautifully-composed shot with stunning crepuscular rays shining through!!

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