Light trails spotted in East Sussex!

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Light trails at dusk, Sussex, England,UK.
Light trails at dusk, Sussex, England,UK.

South Downs, East Sussex, near Brighton, England, UK

It’s always fun to create light trails like this, and it adds an extra dimension to a sunset or sunrise scene. It wasn’t the most exciting location as I was walking back to my campsite, but I did like the sky and the diminishing light as the Sun dropped below the horizon. So I stood on a grassy verge and waited for a car to pass, leaving the shutter open for about 20 seconds or so, enough to get the whole light trail in from the point at which the car entered the frame, to the point it exited.

And so it adds a bit of ‘excitement’ to a road and some bushes!!

  • I agree with Adrian, it’s almost surreal. Very nice shot, I like the deep and dark colors. Coo!

  • I rather like this. Car light trails are almost always photographed in an urban setting, so seeing them in this rural landscape adds an almost surreal feel to the image.

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