Lone figure on the beach

Lone figure on the beach. Belgium

I had previous ignored this image. I don’t know why, so I casually processed it almost on auto pilot and was happily impressed with the richness of the yellows when I increased the contrast.

I do love beaches as I’ve already said…they are so peaceful. This one had a biting wind that whipped up the sand and flung it everywhere!

By the end of the day I had a very rough face…Free exfoliation!

Anyway…There were loads of people on the beach and I had to wait for groups of people to leave until I got this one with the lone figure.

I took quite a few photos from this stretch of coastline, so I will post them up here over the coming days. They are all sort of ‘unglamorous’ middle of the day beach photos that I thought had atmosphere at the time, and needed a bit of work on the computer to bring out that atmosphere.

  • It’s an amazing shot. Love the colour & the shadows.

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