Misty forest, Cotswolds.

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Misty forest, Cotwolds,England, UK

I was cycling along an empty country lane, and passed through this forest. The mist and fading trees grabbed my attention. I loved the silence too, as this was early morning last summer. So the air was still and there is the impression that you are the only one awake. That’s the great thing about being on a bike, I can travel large distances, but at a pace that I can take in my surroundings and stop if necessary. It also makes me more sensible about how much gear to take out….and putting it in bags on my bike relieves me of the weight!!

I was reminded of these images because here in the UK there is a lot of mist around at the moment, and I haven’t yet been able to get out early. But hopefully I will over the next few days. There has been so much wind over the last few months, it makes a welcome change to have this lovely still air and sunshine….!

  • Fantastic place and great moment.
    The mist is always a good friend of the photographers.

  • A very beautiful undergrowth! a beautiful misty atmosphere translated well, bravo

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