Old rusty boat

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Old rusty boat, Dorset, England, UK
Old rusty boat, Dorset, England, UK

Old, rusty boat, Fleet Lagoon, Dorset, UK (The Isle of Portland can be seen in the distance)

I spotted this boat whilst walking at dawn along a footpath that ran along the coastline. I had started walking before it got light hoping to photograph something in the dark, but got nothing interesting, apart from twisted ankles because I couldn’t see where I was going.

I had to jump down from a high bank onto this muddy strip of beach to frame the image. The Sun has just appeared above the horizon and I had to wait a bit for the shadows from the high bank to the left of me to disappear. Very peaceful at this time of morning, there are huts on chesil beach on the other side of the lagoon, but nothing was moving, and I saw no one, not at this time of the morning!


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