Orange skies over Derbyshire

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Looking west from the edge of th ePeak District, Derbyshire, England, UK

Taken a short time after the previous photograph…this time the sun is much lower in the sky.

Somewhere between where I am standing in this photo and infinity(!), is a flight path, because there were planes that flew from right to left every now and then. And whilst I was faffing around and eating food and stuff…I kept seeing these planes fly across that orange strip of sky. But when I put my tripod up to take this photo, there were no more planes! And I couldn’t wait forever because it was about to get dark….

But I quite liked the composition, a nice strip of land drifting into the distance with the factory at the end, and that wonderful orange sky and dense cloud.

  • It’s really beautiful, I love the different reading layers. Beautiful picture.

  • Just like everyone else has observed, I am impressed by the layers that you’ve captured here!! The color of the sky is amazing and contrasts well with the shelf cloud and landscape!

  • striking layers of colour here, tony … reminds me of a national flag of some exotic country 😉
    the contours of the power station in the distance give structure and texture to the image !

  • Rick Tyrrell says:

    I love that gorgeous band of light that is sandwiched by so much mood. Grand shot, Tony.

  • Wonderful picture. Love the layers of colour. The silhouettes of the factories are beautiful.

  • Great use of layers and the color is so moody. Very painterly-looking as well.

  • A gorgeous scenery Tony! Well a prefect time for taken this shot!

  • stunning shot. love the graduated colours. despite the haze, there is much to see here. the solitary tree silhouette is a nice touch

  • Love the layers – the colors and light are superb too.

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