Panoramic forest

Epping Forest, Essex, England, UK

Epping Forest, Essex, England, UK

I am always looking through older images as I never delete a single one! Images that I ignore when I take them, I see things in them later that make me glad I didn’t hit the delete key.

This photo is one of those and is a ‘natural’ panoramic. Natural in the sense that I photographed it as a panoramic format image. It’s a multiple image stitched panoramic photograph. I was stood in the middle of a piece of heathland, patiently waiting for deer to pass through. I know they reside in the area as I always see fleeting glimpses of them from time to time.

Unfortunately, or should I say ‘as usual’, I did not see any deer. I would have loved to have seen them pass, as they would have really added to this composition, as the viewer would see this just as a forest photo, and on closer inspection would see deer camouflaged against the winter foliage.

But, alas it was not to be…but never mind, I love the colours, the red/brown against the bluey grey….and that is what originally struck me when I was out there.

  • Very fine, Tony – the bluish bark is wonderful in the foggy setup with the red-brown leaves on the ground. And the panoramic fomat is best suited for this view. Very well done.

  • I love these found photographs. They are like little treats I gave to myself on another day, but just didn’t know it. What’s funny is there could be deer sitting there looking right at you and their camoflage is so great their presence slips your eye. Recently on a train trip I was taking photos from the cabin. I put down the camera thinking there was nothing to see, when I realize in their is a full pointed stag hiding beneath some old building overhang, to avoid the rain and the train. Had I continued to take photos there he would’ve been. You never really know what is hiding in the midst of the mundane. This photo is lovely.

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