Peak District National Park, Derbyshire

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Peak District National Park, Derbyshire, England, UK

This photo was taken on a cycling route created from the old Ashbourne Line, a railway track that connected the Derbyshire towns of Ashbourne and Buxton. The trail now runs through the hills of the Peak District National Park and it winds its way through the hills at a very flat gradient. The roads in the area are achingly steep if you are a cyclist….and so I am very glad that in the 1800’s it was decided to put a railway line here.

And so this is a view that would have been viewed on a daily basis by rail passengers from the late 1800’s onwards.

  • I love the serenity and quietness of this view. The muted tones and your excellent framing create a very beautiful image.

  • a captivating, haunting landscape that can only be found in britain (or maybe in ireland, too … 😉

  • Beautiful scenery ! lovely layer clouds and softness, a peaceful feeling place…. nice composition, great photo !

    • Thanks Veronique, it does feel strange knowing that this view previously could only be seen from the window of a steam train!!

  • After reading your narrative, it’s nice to see that this view has that timeless quality, knowing that this pristine view of nature that you’ve captured has not been adversely affected by man since the late 1800’s.

    • Thanks! I would imagine very little has changed over the past couple of centuries, I am not sure how old the trees are though, or why they are still there. Sometimes trees on top of a mound can signify a burial ground, but I am not sure about these trees. I might dig a photo out of a burial ground that I took from the same trip as this.

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