Peak District National Park, Derbyshire

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Kinder escarpment, Peak District National Park, Derbyshire, England, UK

This is an escarpment that leads up to the Pennine Way, which is the main walking track that runs through the park. It was a grim(ish) blustery day in August although it’s the time of year where the sun can burn off all the clouds and when torrential downpours and bright sunshine go hand in hand. There is a reason why the British are obsessed with the weather!!

And of course, it’s great for the photography to get such a variety of weather in such a narrow time band, and it allows, or forces the photographer to be a little spontaneous.

  • Gorgeous, vivid photos. Great blog. I will def be back…..

  • Thanks everyone for th ekind comments…!! Much appreciated.

  • La nature belle sauvage à perte de vue ! un beau sentiment de liberté ! Magnifique !

  • I like the dramatic atmosphere which the combination of sky and landscape create.

  • spectacular simplicity and captivating bleakness in a very clever and effective image!

  • WOW your photos are beautiful!
    what a gift to be able to see such places
    thank you for sharing your view of the world
    and thank you for visiting my blog!
    wishing you all good things

  • Une belle utilisation de filtre coloré.
    une superbe image .

  • Beautiful capture of this sweeping landscape with a great DoF! With no one present in this shot, it looks like a very tranquil place to be. That is until the “torrential downpours” come rolling through. 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment…yes a very peaceful place indeed.

  • The weather is so variable in these parts – great capture.

  • The weather is one reason I like England – and the rich variety of scenery of course 🙂

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