Cobbled streets of Bratislava….

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

I love the lived in look of cities like Bratislava. Wandering around the quiet, narrow streets there is really a feeling that nothing much has changed for a very long time. Yet they are modern cities too.

I love stumbling upon a quiet cafe down a sidestreet, that hasn’t changed for decades and only has locals in it, who have been going there for generations…

Old cities and large historical towns in Western Europe, to my eye at least can be refurbished a bit too much, every crack and dent removed, and can look a little like a quaint Disneyesque showtown, losing the lived in look that provides so much character.

I couldn’t resist applying a bit of HDR jiggerypokery to enhance all the fine detail, although, looking at them a few days after processing with fresh eyes, I may have overdone it a little. But it’s done now!!

  • the photos are wonderful and the explanation imaged completely the environment…


  • Toujours de beaux cadages et juin ambance typique
    Always beautiful and typical cadages ambance

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