Pink sky at dawn.

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Road at dawn, Littlehampton, West sussex, england, UK
Road at dawn, Littlehampton, West sussex, england, UK

Early one morning…..Cycling down to the beach to catch the dawn light, and then the sky turned pink, and an otherwise mundane, unglamorous road next to a field and some bushes suddenly lit up… Add a tad of dawn mist and there you have it…a photographer with his tripod standing in the middle of the road annoying any early morning drivers!

From a compositional point of view I look at these photo opportunities as a freebie. It’s a pre-conceived composition that millions of photographs use all the time, just think of those iconic empty road pictures in America. Well, okay, I admit my photo doesn’t have that endless infinityesque feeling to it, but then this is Littlehampton in England, not Monument valley national park in Utah! But anyway, I have used this composition hundreds of times (probably) and they usually happen in the normal course of the day when the light just seems right. Then just plonk yourself in the middle of the road and click.

  • Love the color tones and the contrast, beautiful atmosphere!

  • Les couleurs magiques que seul les premières rayons du jours aiment à nous offrir…
    Très belle photo.

  • What a beautiful morning mood! Almost dreamlike! Exceptional compo and charming colours!

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