The red door….

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Red door, Antwerp, Belgium

A door in Antwerp…not much of a subject!! But I liked the grunginess and small details of the door and concrete surroundings. There were loads of flats and other buildings in a terraced row that all had letters hanging out of the letterboxes.

I have no idea if these dwellings were commercial or residential, but they looked deserted and there were no people around. It was a quiet sidestreet and it fascinated me with all the envelopes stuffed into letterboxes, none of which picked up by anybody…..

From a photography point of view I put this through Nik’s HDR Efex pro 2 even though this is a single image. I was able to emphasise the detail, even-up any unevenness in the exposure and dull down the colour a bit whilst upping the contrast a little, all in about a 30 second post processing session…That’s why I love Nik software!!

  • I read that you use HDR all the time (at least a lot of the time) but the difference with you is that you hold back, You’re more subtle about it. I think the people who hate HDR in general are talking about those shots that are so overdone that everything looks over textured. I’m not sure I’m expressing it well enough but I do know I feel the same as most people- I dislike HDR. But I love your work with it!

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