A road to somewhere….The Netherlands

A motorway in Holland

This was a quick snap on a bridge overlooking a motorway somewhere in Holland

This was a photo taken straight from my bicycle after seizing an opportunity for a break disguised as a photo-opportunity!

when I am cycletouring in Western Europe, I always struggle because of the culture of cycle lanes….I always get hopelessly lost on cyclelanes because they stray away from the road network…and cyclists are not allowed on the roads where there are alternative cyclelanes…and car drivers will express their displeasure at seeing a cyclist on the road.

So, if you ever see someone on a heavily laden bicycle, with a camera, scratching his head….it might be me! I have never met anyone who has the same problem so I am assuming it must just be me. Local maps of course would resolve the problem, but they are really expensive and run out after a relatively short distance, and I like changing my mind. But I eventually get where I am going too…

  • Love the vanishing point perspective. At least there are such things as bike lanes in your part of the world.

  • You should come to Colorado. There are cyclist everywhere. We are very cycle friendly.

  • And a very nice snap it is. I like the blur of the traffic against the sharpness of the rest of the shot.

  • Excellente composition et très belle perspective. Great shot, I like a lot.

  • great composition and atmosphere. too bad about not being near the main roads, but i bet you get some nice views where the bike trails take you too 🙂

  • I like the symmetrical composition, and the blur of motion on the vehicles. I enjoyed your story of bike roads/lanes and getting lost. 🙂 Thank you for having visited my photo blog.

  • As already said, you made best use of that symmetrical perspective here, and the road gratefully added just a small twist in the far distance. This works very well for me, Tony,

  • It is true, he has major highways in Holland and lots of traffic! but if you’re on a bike bridge over it, paths campaigns are most interesting to see the real life there

  • i like this picture Tony… it’s like to were flying above the roadway…
    keep both your wheels on the ground… did you ever consider a GPS instead of a local map 🙂

  • Bonsoir Tony,
    Merci de ton passage et du commentaire laissé.
    Je découvre ton univers photographique qui m plait beaucoup.
    Si Willem a raison et qu’il s’agit bien de cette portion d’autoroute, j’y suis passé au moins une dizaine de fois !!!
    Bonne soirée.

  • I love the high point of view and symmetry of the image, great detail. I look forward to seeing more.

  • Great line up of the lamp-poles. I know what you mean with the cycle roads and the ‘normal’ roads. However I think the Dutch have a great system of roads for the bikes and you can get anywhere. I like the thought of a GPS for the bikes. There are also apps…. not that I have any gadgets that even comes close to that. http://www.planjeroute.nl/
    Absolute great shot, and I hope you enjoyed your stay in the Netherlands.

  • This is the motorway E19 in Belgium between Antwerp and Breda, nice image.

  • Interesting high perspective. I am curious about the tracks going up the middle of the frame. How about a GPS unit to navigate by?

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