Salisbury Cathedral

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Salisbury cathedral,salisbury,wiltshire, england,uk
Salisbury cathedral,salisbury,wiltshire, england,uk

Salisbury cathedral in spring. It’s a bit picture postcardy I suppose, but I couldn’t resist, I blame all those fluffy clouds! Actually this view looks great at night with full moon, so I may go creeping around here at night at some point in the future!

I used a wide angle lens for this picture so that I could partially frame the scene inside the tree branches and the tree shadows along the bottom.

Maybe there would be more atmosphere at dawn or dusk, but I like the vibrant green and blue with the cathedral shining bright in the distance.

I do a lot of cycle touring all over the world, and when you spend a period of time between towns in a remote region of the world, to see a spire in the far distance means that a cafe, some cooked food and a bed are also not so far away!!

But if you are cycling long distance in remote places, don’t be fooled by the distant radio mast….they have caused me so many disappointments.

Cycling along with thoughts of ice cream and cups of tea, only to be met by a big empty hot dry empty space and a load of barbed wire with a keep out sign attached.

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