A quiet country lane in Somerset

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Narrow countrylane lined with telegraph poles, Somerset countryside, England, UK

Going back in time to the summer. This is a narrow countrylane in Somerset in England. I was motivated to take a photo because of the telegraph poles running alongside the road. Sometimes a view just says ‘photograph me’ even though I was cycling along countrylanes all day, and then a certain something clicks in the brain.

This is another of those ‘pseudo’ HDR processed images in HDR Efex pro. To be honest, the tone compression (tone mapping) part of the software – which is the HDR bit – is just a part of the sofware’s function. I also warmed the image up with the temparature slider, applied some of the ‘structure’ effect as well as added a vignette….

The software allows the clouds to appear darker than when I took the photo, but it was the clouds that were important to the composition too. Had it been a bright sunny day, I don’t think I would have been so inspired to take the photo.

  • Excelente captura que destaca los postes
    del alumbrado, en un marco de verde
    vegetación con un sinuoso camino que
    desaparece ante la vista del imponente y
    tormentoso cielo. Hermosos tonos y luz.
    Buen día.

  • Fine greens under the ominous sky. The gentle curves in the lane and, yes, the utility poles, are fine elements.

  • Elaine Hancock says:

    Beautifu image! I like the dramatic sky and all the overgrown foliage. The road is almost hiding in there! The curve makes you want to investigate further! I also like the poles and hanging power lines that follow the road.

  • Nice path for a walk…lovely light capture, great composition !

  • Fantastique shot, superbe ciel, magnifiques paysage et perspective. Bonne journée.

  • i love this harmonious composition and the strong and intense colours! this narrow lanes reminds of some of the lanes i drove in the south of england in july …

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