Spring sunrise

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Dawn skies over east sussex, England, UK
Dawn skies over east sussex, England, UK

I liked the profile of the house and telegraph lines against the dawn skies, with the sun just risen. It’s a great time of the day when the air has that crisp coolness and you know it’s going to be a warm spring day. You are the only one out and about and it feels like the whole world belongs to you…

  • anytime we come across edges, the contrast between two opposing properties, it’s time to take the camera out, the pencil and paper, too. we notice what is different between earth and sky, this photo asks us to notice what the two share between them. for me, this is why this photo rises. nice to encounter your work!

  • The sun was far, yet rising..its rays would make the ground bright ..as it did before..though lonely the pitched roofs were huddled to watch sun rise once more .trees line up..and mocked the poles..that made a filmsy boundary ..as if..you can go or stay is in your control.

  • Thankyou, I saw the ‘lonliness’ (or maybe the aloneness) of the house and wanted to show that off a bit. The ground was far too dark, so I pointed the camera up and included the Sun.

  • I love the profile of the skyline as well and the clouds and sky are so pretty.

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