Transfagarasan road, Fagaras mountains, Romania

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Transfagarasan moubtains. Fagaras, Romania

I took this photograph a few years ago during a cycle trip around Europe. If memory serves me right the climb starts at about 250 meters above sea level and the pass at the top is about 2000 meters or thereabouts. The view here was taken early morning before the tourists woke up so the road is very quiet. The day before in the afternoon there was an ever lingering smell of burning brake pads! And it is not uncommon to see a broken down car in a layby!

It’s quite an easy climb even for a cycletourist weighed down with all the normal luggage plus camera gear and laptop (as I was). The road has been very well engineered and the gradient is never too steep, hence the many hairpin bends or switchbacks.

Cycling up this mountain is a great way to appreciate all the twists and bends and you can stop anywhere if a photo opportunity arises.

I have a whole set of these images but have never really been happy with them because the green mountainside is reflecting the same amount of light as the gray road. That means that the road doesn’t stand out very well from the mountainside. Messing around with contrast alone never really improved the images.

So recently I had another go at processing them and I did a black and white conversion in photoshop where I changed the white balance in the raw converter to add more blue. The gray road has loads more blue in it than the green/yellow mountainside and so when I darkened the blue colour channel in the BW converter, the road went suitably dark, and the mountainside stayed bright. That created the contrast that I needed to create the composition that I saw when I was there. Now I am finally happy with the images.

I have posted this into this Fridays PhotoFriday challenge. Lot’s of good stuff there!

  • Lovely to see you’ve been wondering around my country! The picture does a very good job describing the feeling of the snaky road. Well done!

  • Très jolie composition contrastée entre chemin et route, bien vu.

  • Oh, I love this picture.
    This road like a snake mountains … great !

  • that’s a fantastic view and well rendered in monochrome

  • Incredible road in the middle of a desertic land, like the point of view, well done !

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