Trekking across the Sahara Desert

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

This is a trip I made on a bike across the Sahara in Mauritania a few years ago.

I cycled to Chinguetti from the coast, into the interior of the Sahara.

But there is only one road in or out, so I decided to leave by camel, rather than backtrack on the same road by bike.

Trekking in these inhospitable environments is always described as a huge struggle and full of challenges by travel writers and programme makers. But I have to say that it was a very relaxing time just ambling across the desert in sandals!!

There is no real point in sitting on the camels because it’s more fun walking alongside them, as you can wander off whilst the guide follows the trail that is memorised in his head.

Most of the routes that these modern guides take are ancient trade routes. The routes have long since shut down for trade, but the tourist industry keep them open and frequently used. The guide stop over at small oasis in the desert, where he can stock up on water (60 liters) which was carried by the three camels that I hired for the trip. Although as you can see by the pictures…one of them had to carry my bicycle.

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  • Great pair of shots. I love the composition on both The first is very atmospheric and the second is a unique perspective.

  • Beautiful wide angle views, particularly in the first jaime! forwarding a sacred time where there was freedom of movement in the desert

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