Veliko Tarnovo at dawn, Bulgaria.

The fortress at Veliko Tarnovo at dawn, Bulgaria

This photo is a rediscovered photo that I had originally underexposed by accident, before ignoring it on account of the under exposure. But, on reflection, it was never actually that bad and the contrast and brightness slider in photoshop dragged out the real photo that I saw at the time.

This is a dawn shot of the fortress in the picturesque Bulgarian town of Veliko Tarnovo.

I was there for a few days and as usual had no idea where the sun would be or what would make a nice composition.

So I wandered around while it was still dark, and spotted the profile of the fortress against the sky, and the symmetry of the hill that the fortress is on

I put the tripod up and waited. The moon was a bit of luck, and I love the way it’s lit by the sun which is about to rise from behind the fortress.

  • Glad you found it. Lovely silhouettes against changing colors of sky. Moon is a bonus.

  • I appreciate the alignment of the moon on the tower !! Fresh and uncluttered Photo

  • Wonderful composition !
    i browsed you photos…Great work!
    Thank you for your nice comments on my blog.

  • Reminds me of a Christmas card I received once. The moon though was the great star.

    • Thanks, Noelle! I suppose it could be seen as a bit christmassy…although in my head it feels distinctly summery as this was a warm summers morning! Thanks for commenting.

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