View across rooftops in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

View across rooftops in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Looking across rooftops. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegivina. Black and white photograph, converted in Lightroom.

Looking across the tops of rooftops in Mostar old town, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Another photo where the patterns and textures and shapes drew my attention. Therefore another photograph that cried out for a black and white conversion. Again, I used Lightroom to post process the image.

The original colour version didn’t really draw attention to the detail and texture, and was in fact a bit of a yellow mushy image. But when you answer that gut feeling that tells you that there is a photograph to be taken…well, you really do have to act, and you have to compose your shot according to that gut feeling, and then you have your image.

If you shoot in raw mode as I do, you’ll know that a completely unprocessed image is always soft and flat.

Therefore, a little thought in post processing about what inspired you to take the photograph in the first place should guide your post processing method in order to bring the best out in your image.

So what I did with this image was to use Lightroom to manipulate the viewers eye so that it dances from building to building, where everything is connected by patterns and texture.

Comments on this and anything photography related are encouraged and welcome….Thanks!

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