West Pier remains…

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Evening view of the shingle beach at Brighton, East Sussex, England.

An hour or two before sundown. I wanted people to walk along the beach and jump up and down creating nice silhouetted shapes against the evening sky…but, alas they were too busy relaxing! Although there was one man with a metal detector continuously going up and down the beach sweeping his metal detector over places that had recently been vacated in the hope of some dropped coins……but he was nowhere to be seen….He’d made his money, perhaps?

West Pier is a Victorian era pier that burnt down leaving the empty shell that now sits rusting just off the shoreline. It is probably the most photographed structure in Brighton, and so with camera in hand I thought I’d better record my interpretation too.

  • I like the tones and this atmosphere. Wonderful photo!

  • Thanks everyone for the comments…they are much appreciated!

  • Yours is a fine interpretation…. the silhouettes are perfect. You have a bit of everything in this photo….. the structure in the water, people doing their thing, beautiful sky, clouds and birds…. it’s all there and it looks good!! Excellent!

  • This shot produces a fine mood with the subtle colors. Excellent landscape.

  • Wonderful atmosphere and colouring! And love the touch of birds wheeling in the sky too!

    • Thanks, I like the birds too! I had to remove many little blobs that were unrecognisable as birds leaving only the recognisable ones, which left a more pleasant to look at view!

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