why I love the beach…

Lone figure looking out to sea, Kessingland beach, Suffolk, England, UK

Lone figure looking out to sea.

I love beach scenes because it’s a minimalist landscape and allows the photographer to concentrate on single elements, and in this photo I was inspired to take a photo because of the figure in the distance, engulfed by sky and sand.

I love the mood and atmosphere of a beach, and they are places of freedom. You can play an impromptu game of football on it or play catch with a frisbee….and there are never any ‘no ball games’ (well, not usually!)

They are places where you can be on your own and be disturbed by no one. You can have a picnic on your own or with friends…and no one will move you on or disturb you.

They are places of nature where town planners have been told to keep away, so the beaches belong to everyone, and that’s why I love the beach.

  • a de grandis says:

    Beaches are very inspiring – to me it’s because they are in between spaces – meeting points . They always evoke a feeling of things being stripped back and laid bare which I love and this phot captures that perfectly for me.

    • Thankyou for the kind comments! Yes beaches do have that kind of ‘in-between’ quality.

      Planners can’t touch them, so they tend to be left alone, especially outside of towns. It’s one place where nature will always fight back!

  • I love the New England beaches before Memorial Day and after Labor Day – in between I leave them to the tourists to enjoy. As I walk or sit on a beach, I always remember the old City Slickers movie – the true meaning of life is one thing but each person has to figure that out for themselves. A day at the beach allows you time to contemplate that. Beautiful photo. 🙂

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