You are not alone…..

Words/Photographs: Tony Eveling

Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England, UK

I always try to create an interesting composition when I take a photo. I don’t go out of my way to photograph dawn or dusk in remote places, although sometimes I do. But with this image, I loved the bent tree and its details, and I liked the tortured looking rocky outcrop behind and in the distance. I did notice that it looked like a body looking up and so I positioned the tree as if it were looking down onto the ‘tortured rock’

But the photograph was taken in harsh, bright afternoon sunshine in summer and it looked a little washed out and unappealing when I viewed it at my computer. So then I thought I’d convert to black and white, add a bit of contrast and whatnot….and then, slowly, some of that original personality that I saw at the time came through and I quite liked it. But not before noticing the face in the cloud in the top left of the photo.

I didn’t notice the face in the cloud at the time, nor in the original, but I saw it after the black and white conversion, and now I see it in the original too! And I am starting to see more than one face in the rocky outcrop too. I am starting to see faces everywhere!

This photo was taken close to Honeybag Tor, which is at the end of a row of Tors in Dartmoor National Park

  • awesome monochrome, and so quintessentially dartmoor …

  • good contrast. looks like the wind really blew this tree.

  • I think your composition works very well to give your subjects some character, and the conversion to B&W just makes it, like you suggest. Nicely executed image.

  • This looks terrific in B&W – Now that you mention it, I am seeing faces all through it also!!!

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  • a riveting shot. i do like the wild, twisted feel of this image.

  • Isn’t it wonderful how our images can keep coming alive like that before our very eyes! Great conversion to B&W, Tony.

  • Splendide cet arbre que le vent a plié, superbe cadrage, excellente tonalité. Bonne journée.

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