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The fundamentals of photography

Visualization in photography

Visualization is an ability that we all have, learn how to use it to improve your photography.

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The art of composition

Want to create great photographs? Well, let me tell you just how critical this one element id to your photography

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Photographing the mundane

There is no such thing as a boring subject, but there is such a thing as poor composition. Don’t mix the two up. Now learn how to turn the ordinary into something beautiful. Only a photograph can do that.

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Traditional Landscape Photography and the sweeping vista

This post deconstructs the sweeping vista composition, so that you can perfect them too.

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What is the rule of thirds in photography and how does it work?

There has been so much stuff and nonsense about this rule. Now read the truth about why and how it works.

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Panoramic photography

With practice, you will be seeing compositions of all shapes and sizes. This is my process for taking captivating panoramic photography.

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A series of posts taking you through the stages of  composing a photograph, designed and written to help you develop your own photography

Creatively Composed 4. Compositional balance and the rule of thirds

This post describes the last two techniques or rules that all photographers use to create

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Geometry, diagonals and leading lines in photography

Previously I talked about compositional balance and visualization, but how do structures like geometry, lines,

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Introduction to composition in photography

The root of all photography is composition. This post is the first post of a

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Methods for visualizing a photograph

Once you have worked out why and how the  ‘rule of thirds’ works, the next thing

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The 3 most important compositional ‘rules’ in photography, and the ‘rule of thirds’

3 of the most important compositional techniques, employed by all photographers in one form or

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What are the compositional rules of photography?

Composition is about technique, not rules. It’s now time in this series to explain what

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8 simple 'hacks' to improve your photography

Improve your confidence and adjust your outlook, then watch your photography grow and improve!

How to take better landscape photographs

Part 1 of 8 from my creatively composed series of posts. Photography is all about

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Local knowledge Vs no local knowledge in landscape photography

Part 2 of 8…..There is no substitute in landscape photography for local knowledge, except of

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8 tips for better photography – Don’t be a photography snob

Part 3 of 8…..Embrace everything photography, and keep an open mind. Have fun. That’s it,

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Use every trick in the book to become a better photographer

Part 4 of 8…..Have a go at everything! Photography is fun and creative, and so

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In photography, always use techniques not rules

Part 5 of 8….Don’t straightjacket yourself with absolute rules…those so-called rules are just techniques. Use

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Create a series of photographs

Part 6 of 8….If you engage with an environment that you are photographing…then why use

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Landscape photographers – Don’t be intimidated by other photographers

Part 7 of 8….Develop your photography at your own speed. Use other photography as inspiration

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Better landscape photography – If it looks right, it is right

Part 8 of 8…..The only thing that matters about a photograph is that it looks

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