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Bring out detail and even out your exposures

Check out my gallery section and have a look at my take on this popular processing technique.

Black and white photography

Sometimes a composition just looks better without colour

Remove colour to focus attention where you want it.

Golden Hour photography

The first and last hours of the day to add mood and atmosphere

Dawn and dusk provide the warmest and most colourful light of the day.


What the camera saw/What the photographer saw

All digital photos require post processing. Here you can see some of my unvarnished compositions. You decide yourself if my post processing has improved them or not!


A brief glimpse of the variety of photography that I create and why

The beauty of photography is that it's instant, and with good composition, great photography can be taken anywhere.


The truth about the Rule Of Thirds

Finally...an explanation of how and why this rule works

Visualization in photography

What is it, and how can it work for your photography?

The Art Of Composition

The world is full of photographs only you can see

Traditional Landscape Photography

The Sweeping Vista - The sectrets of Golden Hour photography

Panoramic photography

How to see, take and then create a panoramic photograph

Photographing the mundane

Hone your compositional skills - Turn the 'ordinary' into something beautiful


8 great tips to help improve your photography

Discover 8 great non-technical tips that will help inspire and motivate!

Also available as a free ebook!

Creatively Composed

Photography is composition…and your camera is just a tool.

Download this FREE ebook...

...and improve your photography rather than your camera…it will be rewarding, fun and cheap!


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